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For over 40 years, Appliance Service Station has provided Sub-Zero repair to Bellevue and surrounding areas. We specialize in the full line of Sub-Zero appliances including refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators, ice makers, wine coolers, and refrigerated drawers. Contact our expert Sub-Zero Repair Bellevue technicians for service today!

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When you hire Appliance Service Station for your Sub-Zero Repair Bellevue, you’ll receive the best service available throughout the Puget Sound area. We boast one of the industry’s most comprehensive parts and labor warranties, plus we are specialists in high-end refrigeration.

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Common Problems with Sub-Zero

The Sub-Zero repair Bellevue technicians at Appliance Service Station, Inc. can work on most Sub-Zero appliances and configurations. We service all the most common Sub-Zero failures, from a Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling to a Sub-Zero ice machine not making ice. We’ve included some of the most common troubleshooting tips for Sub-Zero below:

Why Is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Not Cooling?

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator is warm, ensure that the refrigerator and freezer are not over-stuffed. There should be plenty of room for cold air to circulate around each item. Make sure that the vents within the unit are not blocked as well, which can prevent proper circulation. Call a professional Sub-Zero repair technician for faulty parts, including a temperature sensor or thermostat malfunction, compressor, evaporator, or condenser issue, or a problem with the door gasket.

Why Did My Sub-Zero Stop Making Ice?

If your Sub-Zero ice maker has stopped making ice, attempt troubleshooting by checking the water supply. Ensure the water line shut-off valve is in the correct position and on. Check the ice maker for obstructions, and make sure to clean the condenser coils every six months. Call a professional Sub-Zero ice maker repair technician for possible faulty parts, including a defective water inlet valve, failed door switch, and more.

Why Is My Sub-Zero Fridge Leaking Water?

Is your Sub-Zero leaking? Inspect the unit for condensation and ice build-up on the back walls or drawers. Make sure the drain tube is clear of obstructions. Faulty parts include a cracked water filter housing, broken water inlet valve, leaking water tank assembly, and more. If a faulty part is suspected, call for professional diagnosis and repair.

Why Is My Sub-Zero Fridge So Loud?

Many sounds from a Sub-Zero fridge are from normal operation, including a mild buzzing, clicking, humming, or fan motor noise. Obstructions may cause new or especially loud sounds from the condenser fan motor or compressor. If an obstruction or compressor problem is suspected, call your professional Sub-Zero repair Bellevue technicians at Appliance Service Station.

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