Who Makes the Best High-End Range?


If you are looking for the best range to put in your kitchen, it’s natural that you would want to make sure you are getting the very best value for your money. You’re going to be cooking on this stove for a long time, and you want it to be one that you are going to love using for years to come! Here are the top 6 ranges on the market today:



Wolf ranges are well known for their bright red knobs. With a Wolf range, you get a trusted brand with a long history of satisfied customers. You also get high-power burners that bring liquids to a boil quickly and simmer beautifully. With a price point of $5,000 – $6,000, you should expect high quality and great performance.


Viking is the main competitor with Wolf in professional-grade ranges. If Wolf is famous for its red knobs, Viking is famous for its classic, industrial look. At $5,000 and up, Viking ranges are a good investment for homeowners who do a lot of cooking and entertaining.


Gaggenau makes gas ranges, but their really exciting product is their line of smooth top induction ranges. These ranges are energy-efficient, incredibly easy to clean, and safe – they heat the pan but don’t get hot themselves. At $6,000, a Gaggenau induction range is a sleek and modern addition to your kitchen.



DCS’s primary claim to fame comes from their super-low simmer. They advertise a simmer of 140F – the lowest temperature at which food-borne pathogens are killed. The simmer on the DCS is cool enough to melt chocolate without needing a double boiler. DCS is a great choice if you want to keep your cost down, but still desire a high-end appliance.


The price point for a Thermador range is similar to a Viking or Wolf range. Thermador has a great reputation for being reliable. If you’re looking for a professional grade range, the Thermador is an excellent choice. Julia Child used a Thermador on her famous cooking show!


BlueStar is a super versatile brand, with products as affordable as $2,000 and as expensive as $18,000. It advertises a simmer as low as 130F, even lower than the DCS simmer. They also have the biggest interior space in the oven, giving you plenty of room for baking.

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