3 Quick Fixes for Common Oven Problems


It’s no secret that oven issues are a pain to deal with, especially if you don’t know much about oven repair. Before you call a service technician, try these three quick fixes for common oven problems you can tackle yourself.

Common Oven Problems

how to fix common oven poblems

Oven Fan Issues

Today’s ranges use cooling fans to protect the sensitive components on the control circuit boards. It is common for these fans to not come on immediately and also to stay on after the appliance has been turned off. They will normally turn themselves off once the ovens internal temperatures reach a safe level. If the fan continues to run or if your oven fan isn’t turning on at all, contact Appliance Service Station.

Heating Issues

If your oven isn’t getting hot enough or is getting too hot, there are a couple of things you can check to fix this issue. First, you should check the oven door and ensure that the door is sealing properly so that heat remains inside. If the door isn’t closing properly, you may be able to adjust the hinge to fix the issue.

If the door isn’t the problem, check the thermostat by placing an oven thermometer inside the oven to measure the difference between the temperature you want and the actual temperature being produced.

Oven Door Won’t Close 

This is a very common problem with a simple fix! First you want to check the gasket surrounding the door and ensure that it is clean and in good repair. Sometimes food and debris can get stuck and make closing the oven door difficult. If that wasn’t the problem check the springs and hinges next to ensure they’re all in working order.

fix broken oven

 If your springs or hinges need to be replaced or repaired contact Appliance Service Station, where we have these parts readily available to fix your oven door — and handle most oven repair issues quickly and cost effectively.

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