Quick Fixes for Cooktop Issues


Do you sometimes experience uneven cooking or does it take way too long for water to boil? Whether you have a gas or electric cooktop, there are some problems that only need a simple fix. Read on to discover the secrets of quick fixes for cooktop issues.

Easy & Quick Fixes for Cooktop Issues


quick fixes for cooktop problems
  • Uneven or Weak Flame?

Most people don’t know that burners inevitably become clogged with food particles and other kitchen grime and, as a result, the burner may provide a weaker flame on one side. Quick fix: Use a toothpick to poke all the burner-head holes clean, then turn the burner on a high flame and let it burn for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure all residue is burned off.

  •  Burner Problems?

Most modern gas cooktops use electronic ignition to light the gas. This ignition system provides a spark until the flame appears, and then automatically shuts off. Quick Fix: If the sparking continues after the flame is burning it may be because of a burner cap out of position or dirt on the cap or ring. Try cleaning all the burners and making sure everything is seated properly.


  • Heating Issues? 

If one of your electric burner surfaces is not heating, make sure it is properly seated in the plug. Quick Fix: You can check to see if the plug itself is the problem by moving elements around. If the problem moves with the element, then the fix is as simple as replacing the element. If the element works in its new location, then contact a technician for help.

Electric cooktops have several advantages, one of them being that they’re easier to clean and food is rarely stuck anywhere that would cause any sort of issue or malfunction. Quick Tip: Keep it relativity clean so that issues can be avoided!

cooktop problems

**If you’re experiencing cooktop problems or issues that call for an appliance repair professional, please contact Appliance Service Station today.**

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