Microwave Flashing? 3 Common Microwave Malfunctions + Tips


Ah, the beloved microwave. Without it, we are left with cold coffee, kernels instead of popcorn, and thousands of hours wasted watching the pot boil. But, of course, sometimes they need a little TLC to keep functioning properly. Appliance Service Station is Seattle’s best when it comes to appliance repair, including the microwave. So, whether you’re experiencing a flashing microwave, blinking display or weird noises, use the troubleshooting tips below to help you decide to fix it yourself or call a professional, like us!

Microwave Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Blinking Display

If the display on your microwave (or other electronic appliance) won’t stop flashing numbers or characters and will not allow you to program it as necessary, try unplugging the unit. If the unit is built in, you may need to find the circuit breaker and flip the appropriate switch. Allow it sit for about a minute and then plug it back in. Just like with computers, sometimes all it takes to fix the issue is a good old-fashioned system reboot!

Tip #2: Flashing or Sparking

Do you see sparks or flashes of light emitting from the inside of your microwave? A microwave flashing from the inside could be the sign of a dirty or faulty metal wave guide cover inside your appliance. The wave guide cover protects and shields what is known as the “magnetron,” the device that’s responsible for directing and radiating heat waves toward the center of the appliance where food is placed. Do not attempt to remove, clean or repair the wave guide cover on your own. While the problem is likely not a severe safety hazard, do not attempt to remove the wave guide cover yourself. Tip: Immediately switch off the microwave and give Appliance Service Station a call to avoid injury or further appliance damage.

Tip #3: Weird Noises

While it’s true that the microwave is not known for its silent nature, noises other than beeping could mean something’s a miss. If your microwave is older and is making loud or strange noises, the microwave’s turn table might need to be replaced. Look online to find the make and model. If you hear a loud humming sound, it could be that the microwave’s exhaust fan might need some attention. A high-pitched noise while the microwave is in use means there’s a good chance the magnetron tube is failing. If the exhaust fan or magnetron tube are the culprits, you will need to call a local appliance repair service.

12 Responses

  1. Thank you for these tips. My blinking light seems to have corrected itself after I re-booted my Toshiba Solo.

  2. I see a red light flash inside the perforated area near the wave guide cover when the microwave stops heating. The sharp company said I needed a new light bulb but does that make sense especially on a microwave that is no more than 1 to 1/2 year old.
    Model number is SMC1132CS
    Manufactured June 2018

  3. I recently noticed the light inside my kenwood microwave is flickering on and off also after cooking the fan stays on a good while if it does baking potatoes for 10 mins does this indicate it needs replaced it seems to work ok otherwise thank you

  4. Defy microwave has flash inside and flickering when I switch it on
    What should I do?

  5. My toshiba microwave inverter recently started flashing its light. I think it’s the bulb inside. It Does not do it all the time. What to do??

  6. Yes my sharp inverter microwave I purchased at chandlers..better electrics is flashing like ive just read …so I will contact them about this issue….thankyou

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