Helpful Dryer Tips


Drying clothes can be an energy intensive and expensive household activity. Even the best dryers use a significant amount of energy and sometimes aren’t even required to display an EnergyGuide label. Fortunately, there are ways to cut back on energy use and also maintain your dryer so that it withstands common dryer problems. Keep reading to find out about some helpful dryer tips.

Helpful Dryer Tips

TIP #1: Make sure the clothes coming out of the washer are as dry as possible through the spin cycle. If they are too wet it will take the dryer a very long time to get them dry, wasting more energy than you need to use.

TIP #2: Be sure you are cleaning the lint screen every time you put in a new load. This will also save some on your fuel bill. Note that some fabric softener products also clog the lint screen much faster and some manufacturers actually recommend that they not be used. They can also affect the sensors that tell some models of dryer if the cloths are dry yet or not.


TIP #3: Check the vents. Use a short, straight metal duct to release the exhaust of your vented dryer outside. It’s also a good idea to check for animals, like birds (who will build nests). You’ll also want to be sure that the vents of your vented dryer are clean and that the exhaust vent fits tightly so that outside air doesn’t leak in.

TIP #4: Maximize. Fill your dryer to a reasonably full capacity, but don’t overload it. Try throwing in a clean, dry towel to the damp load to cut down on time. Over-drying items can also waste a lot of energy and cause issues with the dryer’s drum, so be careful of this as well. If your dryer has a “less dry” or a “more dry” dial, try a setting closer to the “less dry” mark and see if that’s sufficient.

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