The New Wolf Induction Range Available in October 2016


If you have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen or purchasing a new range, you might just want to hold off for a few months. “Why?” you ask. In just three short months, Wolf Range is scheduled to release the first ever Wolf Induction Range.

The Wolf Induction Range will hit the market in October 2016.

About the New Wolf Induction Range

For those of you who have never cooked with an induction range, be prepared to have your mind blown. If you are a gas range lover, induction ranges are probably the only way to lure you from your current level of devotion. Take a look at how the New Wolf Induction Range is the new way of cooking.


How Induction Works

The induction range directly heats the pots and pans as the electricity flows through the coil. This creates a magnetic field underneath the surface. With induction compatible pans (cast iron or magnetic stainless steel), heat instantly generates to the pan rather than the surface. This means that the cooktop surface stays rather cool when compared to other ceramic glass cooktops. Find more about induction cooking here.

Cooking Efficiency

Induction cooking offers one of the most precise ways to cook, as well as tremendous energy savings. Induction cooktops will boil water faster than even the highest gas flame, but will do so using minimal heat, so you are using less energy.

Cooking Safer

If you have small children or are known to burn yourself during cooking, then induction cooking is for you! Induction cooktops take away the worry of touching hot surfaces because the elements will not work without the right pan on one of the four induction zones.

Cleaner is Better

When it comes to keeping cooktops clean, gas and electric have certain disadvantages. You have to take everything apart to clean it, which can take a couple of hours. With the Wolf Induction range, you can clean the ceramic glass surface in minutes.

If the cooktop features on the new Wolf Induction Range isn’t enough to pull you in, let’s take a look at the oven itself.

The Wolf Induction Range E series includes:

  • 30″ or 36″ Professional Induction Ranges.
  • 30″ or 36″ Transitional Induction Ranges.
  • Built-in temperature probe.
  • Fast Temperature Response.
  • Dual fans for faster, consistent cooking.
  • Low and high end controls for temperature precision.
  • 10 automatic cooking modes to master any dish.

With affordable prices starting at $6,745, the Wolf Induction Range will be an investment that will pay you back for years to come.

To learn more about Wolf Induction Ranges, click here.


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