Best Kitchen Appliance Gifts for Christmas 2016


If your significant other has been hinting about a kitchen upgrade, then a kitchen appliance gift may be perfect this holiday season. From built-in coffee machines to luxury wine storage, our list includes some of the best luxury kitchen appliance gift ideas for 2016.

Kitchen Appliance Gifts

Built-In Coffee Machines. Does your significant other constantly complain about the unsightly, bulky coffee machine on the kitchen counter? Then consider a built-in coffee machine as a Christmas gift this year.

Built-in coffee machines brew a whole menu of coffee concoctions. Do you want a latte? Done. Espresso? Served. A hazelnut white chocolate mocha? Possible. Now all you need are the recipes and the syrups to practically run a Starbucks within your home.


Viking Ice Machine. If your family does a lot of entertaining, then an undercounter ice machine will make a great Christmas gift. Enjoy an unlimited supply of restaurant-grade ice year around. Keep the drinks flowing!

Undercounter Wine Storage. How does a wine enthusiast ruin a good bottle of wine? By storing it in the wrong conditions. The wrong temperature, humidity, and even vibration will alter the quality of what once was a perfect bottle of Chablis. And so, keep your wines perfect, and the wine enthusiasts in your home happy, with a Wine Storage/Preservation cabinet from Sub-Zero.

Refrigerator Drawers. Yes, you have your main refrigerator where all the essentials are stored. But for a busy, active family refrigerator drawers can add a lot of convenience and functionality to everyday life.

Install refrigerator drawers under that kitchen island or kitchen counters for extra vegetable storage or a dedicated snack drawer. Or, keep food accessible and chilled in a living room, den, or game room.


Warming Drawer. Is your spouse running late for dinner? Will the guests be late? Or maybe you’ve prepared the food but the party doesn’t start for a couple of hours? No matter, there’s no need to fret about food getting cold. These warming drawers will keep dinner warm while blending in perfectly with the rest of the interior design.


Any of these five kitchen appliances will be perfect this Christmas for your significant other.A well-run, well-equipped kitchen may be one of the best gifts this Christmas season.

To great dishes, parties, and the best kitchen appliance gifts this holiday season!

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