Best Compact Washing Machine


When it comes to the best compact washing machine on the market today, look no further than ASKO brand. With its roots dating back over 60 years, ASKO has thrived as a manufacturer of premier washer machines. They take pride in making sure their machines meet the highest demands in durability, design, functionality, and environmental awareness. Here’s a look at what makes ASKO the best:

Best Compact Washing Machine

best compact washing machine

ASKO’s top-of-the-line features include

  • SmartSeal: With SmartSeal, rubber door seals are a thing of the past. Because of this, no dirt or grime will get caught in the seal. With seals that never degrade, you’ll never have to worry about repairing or replacing them. In addition, it makes for easy loading and unloading of laundry with no rubber interfering with the process.
  • Quattro Pro: ASKO’s commitment to durability and quality is evidenced by the Quattro Pro feature, which utilizes four powerful spring legs (rather than typical two shock-absorbing legs) to minimize vibration (and noise). Not to mention, they build their washers with a steel base (rather than plastic) which lasts much longer and is more hygienic.
  • ActiveDrum: ActiveDrum will cause less wear on your delicates because the angle of the drum edges in combination with the hourglass shaped lifters provide better balance in the drum. With larger evacuation holes, you won’t have to remove dirt or gravel from the drum yourself.
  • SensiSave: This feature was created with the environment in mind. The SensiSave sensors are advanced enough to detect the size of your load and match the water levels accordingly. The sensors will even be at work during the cycle, as they measure the absorption of water into your fabrics and adjusts accordingly (polyester requires less water than cotton for example). Think of all of the water and energy saved!

Best Compact Washing Machines- ASKO Models

Model #: W6424
Specifications. Capacity: 2.12 cu. ft. Mode of installation: Stacked or side-by-side. Height: 33 1/2 in. Width: 23 1/2 in. Depth: 23 7/8 in.
Model Specific FeaturesSpin Speed: 1200 RPM. Number of Programs: 10.
Colors: White and Titanium

For more information on this model, follow this link.


Model #: W8844XLW
Specifications. Capacity: 2.83 cu. ft. Mode of installation: Stacked or side-by-side. Height: 33 7/16 in. Width: 23 3/8 in. Depth: 27 9/16 in.
Model Specific FeaturesSpin Speed: 1400 RPM. Number of Programs: 12.
Colors: White

For more information on this model, follow this link.


When looking for the best compact washing machine, start your search with ASKO!

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