What Everybody Ought to Know About Sub-Zero Refrigerators


Sub-Zero has a respected reputation for building top-of-the-line refrigerators, but it’s natural to wonder, “are Sub-Zero refrigerators worth the cost?” After all, you can furnish an entire kitchen for the cost of a Sub-Zero refrigerator. However, with the highest quality features and excellent appliance longevity, Sub-Zero refrigerators are well worth the investment. Here’s a closer look at why:


Are Sub-Zero Refrigerators Worth The Cost?

Built-In/Integrated Refrigeration

Sub-Zero has been in business for nearly 70 years, innovating many advances in refrigeration technology. One of their most notable innovations was the counter-depth refrigerator, which was not duplicated by any other major brand until 20 years later. They’ve pushed the envelope even further over the years, introducing a line of built-in and integrated refrigerator models. Their built-in models fit seamlessly into virtually any kitchen. Integrated refrigerators take it a step further, allowing for custom panel installation that matches the rest of the kitchen’s decor. No hinges or grilles in sight.

Dual Refrigeration

Each Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer combination features Dual Refrigeration technology. This means that there are two compressors, one specifically for the refrigerator and the other specifically for the freezer. With this technology, there are two completely different cooling systems. In the refrigerator, food stays fresher longer with cool and moist air. Meanwhile, the freezer gets frigid, dry air that prevents frost and freezer burn. It provides optimum conditions for each type of food.

Magnetic Door Seal System

The magnetic door gaskets around each door lock cold air in and keep outside air out. This system helps keep food fresher longer and makes for a more energy efficient refrigerator. The seals are so secure that Sub-Zero owners have reported that even after a days-long power outage, their frozen food hadn’t thawed!

Air Purification System

Many foods emit ethylene gas, which is natural, but ethylene gas accelerates the spoilage process. Using technology that was developed by NASA, Sub-Zero’s air purification system slows down that process. This system scrubs the air of this ethylene gas (not to mention mold and viruses as well) every 20 minutes.

Vigorous Testing/Two Year Warranty

Every component of every Sub-Zero refrigerator is vigorously tested, even up to 24 hours before being shipped. That’s why Sub-Zero firmly stands behind their product, offering a two-year limited warranty on the entire appliance. In comparison, most appliance manufacturers offer a limited one year warranty!

Resale Value

There’s no better way to add value to your kitchen than with a Sub-Zero refrigerator! Prospective buyers correlate Sub-Zero with premium quality.

To learn more about Sub-Zero’s refrigerator models and their exciting features, visit their website at subzero-wolf.com.

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