What’s the Difference Between High-End and Regular Refrigerators?


One of the dilemmas many people have when searching for a new refrigerator, is whether to invest in a high-end refrigerator or not. Brands like Sub-Zero, Viking, and Thermador certainly come with a higher price tag compared to standard models. Because of this, it’s natural to wonder, “what’s the difference between high-end and regular refrigerators?”

What’s the Difference Between High-End and Regular Refrigerators?

The difference between high-end and regular refrigerators is notable in a few different ways:


In many cases, the exterior design differences between a high-end and regular refrigerator are quite distinguishable. A regular refrigerator on average has a depth of about 35 or 36 inches. With this kind of depth, these refrigerators typically obtrude into the kitchen beyond the counter’s depth, especially in smaller kitchens. High-end refrigerator model brands typically offer counter-depth and built-in refrigerators. These models often have a depth of 24 inches or less, allowing for a more seamless look within your kitchen (built-in even more so than counter-depth). The interior capacity isn’t sacrificed, as they are usually taller and/or wider than regular refrigerators. Taking built-in refrigerators a step further are integrated refrigerators, which can be installed with panels on the front that match the rest of your kitchen’s decor.


While there are many regular refrigerators that can get the job done, high-end refrigerators feature technology that makes life in the kitchen much easier. Here are some examples of these features from leading high-end refrigerator brands:

  • Sub-Zero: Dual compressors in refrigerator/freezer models, one dedicated to each the refrigerator and the freezer. This enables optimum temperature climates for both, keeping food fresh longer.
  • Viking: Shelves installed with Nano technology, which creates an invisible barrier to contain spills.
  • Thermador: Cantilever racks can be positioned at any level, enabling you to use the space in your refrigerator however you’d like.

Standard refrigerators aren’t equipped with high-end features such as these.


High-end refrigerators are no doubt a significant investment, often costing thousands more than a standard refrigerator. But we believe the old adage of “you get what you pay for” holds true. High-end refrigerators manufacturers (such as Sub-Zero) vigorously test every refrigerator before distribution. Considering this, and the quality of the components used, high-end refrigerators typically last several more years than a regular refrigerator. This durability, along with many technologically advanced features, makes high-end refrigerators a great value in the long-run.

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