Company Spotlight: Gaggenau


The history of high-end appliance manufacturer Gaggenau is a fascinating tale. Their storied roots date all the way back to 1683 in Germany, where the Gaggenau company started as a hammer mill manufacturing nails and other household goods. By the 1880’s, they established themselves as experts in the art of enameling. Their process remains a closely guarded secret to this day.

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It was in the 1930’s when they turned their focus to home appliances, as they sought to make life in the kitchen safer and more convenient. Decades later, it’s safe to say that they’re still succeeding at that goal. Gaggenau appliances are widely regarded for their innovative features and durability.

What Sets Gaggenau Apart from the Rest?

In addition to their rich tradition, Gaggenau credits their success to a few other key factors: Leadership, Design, and Quality.


More than 15 years ago, they developed the first Combi-steam (combination steam-convection) oven for residential use. Before this, steam-convection ovens were only seen in professional kitchens. They’ve pushed the envelope even further by installing fully automatic cleaning systems made possible by their enameling technology.


Gaggenau describes their appliance design attributes as, “authentic, sculptural, expressive, and generous“. This is exemplified by each appliance having its own unique touch and feel.


To ensure they meet their high quality standards, their products are largely assembled by hand. Then they put them through strenuous testing on site before shipment.

A Taste of What Gaggenau Has to Offer


The amount of customization available in Gaggenau’s cooktop is truly remarkable. Options available in their “400 Series” include:

  • Induction or gas cooktop: 5 cooking zones, 2 cooking zones, Wok ring
  • Smooth metal plate for Japanese cooking, Electric grill, In-counter steamer, Electric deep fryer

The choices are yours!


They offer a variety of oven models including double ovens, single ovens, microwaves, and combi-steam ovens. Their premium “400 series” ovens are highlighted by the following features:

  • Handle-free doors (opened via touch display)
  • Up to 17 different heating methods
  • Fully automatic cleaning system, at the touch of a button (combi-steam ovens)


All refrigeration models are built-in and can fully integrated into your existing kitchen decor. Features that set “400 series” Gaggenau refrigerators apart from the rest:

  • Adjustable, motorized glass shelving
  • Dynamic cool air distribution with Multi-Flow Air system
  • No-frost technology with fast cooling


You’ve likely never seen a dishwasher quite like this before. Not only does the lighting system project the remaining cycle time onto the floor, the cycles are completed in under an hour! Other high-end features:

  • Soft-closing door system
  • Smooth running rails
  • Flexible/adjustable racks

When you’re in need of a new appliance, consider beginning your search with Gaggenau appliances. You won’t be disappointed!

Appliance Service Station is proud to be a Gaggenau certified repair partner in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. If in need of Gaggenau appliance repair, request service today!

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