Cove Dishwasher Review


Have you heard about the latest kitchen creation from the makers of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances? It’s the Cove dishwasher. Coming from the same family as such reliable high-end appliances, it should be a quality piece to add to your collection, right? Read our Cove dishwasher review to find out!

Review of Cove Dishwasher by Sub-Zero

If you own a Wolf range or Sub-Zero refrigerator, you know how great they are. Not only are they reliable and functional, but they’re also beautiful, as home appliances go. One would expect the same from their new line of dishwashers, Cove.

As a leader in Seattle’s appliance repair industry, we at Appliance Service Station have seen our fair share of fancy dishwashers come and go. You won’t be disappointed if you’re one of the first to invest in this high-end dishwasher though. Our Cove dishwasher review shows just how convenient this feature-packed, well-thought-out appliance is.


Complete Customization

The Cove dishwasher by Sub-Zero is highly customizable. From the racks inside to the handles outside.

No more fussing over who loaded the dishwasher wrong or what goes where. Cove allows you to move racks, shelves, and sections virtually anywhere. Don’t need all those partitions? No problem! Simply fold them out of the way to load exactly what you want where you want.

Don’t want a hulking stainless steel appliance clashing with your custom white cabinets? You’re in luck! Cove dishwashers allow for custom exteriors also. Design the panels to fit with your existing decor for a seamless look.


Superior Clean

Because it’s made by such a leader in the industry, you expect Cove to get your dishes clean. And it certainly does.

The customization doesn’t stop there actually. There are over 200 wash cycles on Sub-Zero’s Cove dishwasher, so you can get the perfect clean every time. With three spray arms and dozens of water jets, dishes get cleaned from every angle.  Drying is no problem with powerful heat and an angled second rack. No soap residue here!

With all this powerful washing going on, you might think the Cove dishwasher would be a little noisy, right? Not at all. The creators designed Cove to be extremely quiet as is. They didn’t stop there though. An Extra Quiet setting allows you to forget the dishwasher is even running.

Exceptional Quality

Everyone has their opinion on what the most-used appliance in the kitchen is. Many think it’s the dishwasher.

Because the makers of Cove know how dependent we’ve become on dishwashers, they made sure that it was manufactured with premium-grade materials. No need to worry about overloading, extreme messes, or breakdowns.

Cove’s warranty is top-of-the-line as well. You automatically get a 5-year warranty which can be extended to 6 if the unit is installed by a factory-certified installer. Customer support is available 24/7 should anything go wrong, although these dishwashers are promised to last 20 years or more.

Our Cove dishwasher review wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the price. It sells for about $2,100 as of now. However, we think that the beauty and functionality of this machine make it worth the investment.

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