How to Flip Your Kitchen from Dull to Wow-Worthy


How to Flip Your Kitchen from Dull to Wow-Worthy

Kitchens are like the heart of a home. It’s where you get together for food with the family, socialize with friends, and spend your alone time when you’re craving a snack. But what happens when the kitchen is just plain dull? When your kitchen is outdated, you may start to feel like it’s losing its personality. It’s almost a style that represents you less, therefore causing you to discount the kitchen as just another part of the house. It’s time for an update! Gone are the days of neglecting the heart of your home. When you’re done breathing new life into the kitchen, people will be ecstatic just to spend time in there. Not to mention, you get to set yourself apart from all of the other kitchens. Let’s get started!

Have your bases covered

After you daydream and figure out exactly what you want going on in your kitchen, it’s time to act. Just keep in mind, if you’ve never done carpentry before, or if you’ve never had experience installing high end appliances, you will want to hire a professional. This is for your safety and for a smooth installation. Then, you can get all the remaining debris cleared after you’re done by people who know how to handle junk removal. Nothing is more aggravating than the clean up after you’re all done.

Update the cabinets

One of the absolute best ways you can bring a clean and modern feel to the kitchen is by updating the cabinets. This can be a little extensive, but well worth it. After you get your cabinets, you’ll really understand the direction of where you want to take your kitchen. A great way to find cabinets you love is by reading home improvement magazines, or by searching the internet for modern cabinet designs.

Update the floor

Once you have the cabinets down, try to see if changing the floor will fit into your dream kitchen. This change can revitalize a kitchen and create a very modern yet comfortable feel. Hint – dark wooden floors are very much in style right now!

High end appliances

While updating the look of the kitchen, you may want to consider updating the efficiency as well. If your appliances are outdated, this could take more time to cook and prep your food. Moving to a smart refrigerator can help you manage tasks and peer into the fridge without actually opening it. An induction cooktop can read where your pans are on the surface and still cook them wherever you place them. The options are endless! Just make sure you pick appliances that will match the look you’re going for in the kitchen. Once your high end appliances are installed, it’s important to get them serviced just as you would any regular old appliance.

Smart products

As we move into the new age of technology, you will notice a lot of new technology for the kitchen that is here to make your life more efficient. From smart trash cans to smart sinks, you can certainly find a tool that’ll increase your kitchen experience while creating a new modern look. But one of the best approaches you can take when getting a smart product is by choosing an assistant. Google, Apple, and Amazon offer their own smart assistants that are here to make things much more convenient for you. For example, if you don’t know what temperature to cook salmon in the oven for, you can simply ask your assistant and they will tell you! You can also play music, call friends, and set timers and reminders all by just using your voice. Smart assistants are certainly handy and can change a kitchen from feeling dull to full of life.

Updating your kitchen can be a fun and eventful experience. The changes are all up to you and the extent of your imagination to make it come to life. These tips should make a great starting point for what you want! Now, go and search for the ideal kitchen of your dreams. Just don’t forget to throw a new kitchen warming party when you’re done. Good luck!

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