Fisher & Paykel Washer Not Filling with Water


Is your Fisher & Paykel washing machine not filling with water when you start a load of laundry? It’s always frustrating when appliances don’t work as expected, but we’re here to help!

Fisher & Paykel Washer Not Filling with Water

There are a variety of issues that can be the culprit when your washer won’t fill properly. We’ve collected this list of the most common reasons that washing machines fail to fill or fill incorrectly to help you determine what the problem is:

Washer Won’t Fill

Is your washer not filling at all, even though everything seems to be working as it should? There are a few reasons that cause washing machines to malfunction in this way.

The first thing you should do is check to make sure all hoses are connected to the washing machine correctly. If the hoses aren’t attached properly, there’s no way for water to get into the machine.

The most common culprit for a washer that won’t fill is a clogged water inlet valve. The water inlet valve is the part that connects the hot and cold hoses to the washing machine. This valve has small screens in it that filter out any large debris from the water lines. Sometimes these screens will get so clogged that they stop allowing water to flow correctly. Clean your screens thoroughly and see if that solves the problem.

Washer Won’t Fill with Cold Water

For a washer that fills normally when on a warm or hot cycle, but fails to fill on a cold cycle, you’ll need to check out the hoses that attach to the machine again.

First check that the cold water hose is attached to the water inlet valve and the line is turned on. If you were recently working on your washing machine or had a repair technician take a look at something, the spigot may have been turned off and not turned back on upon finishing.

If the hose is connected and the line is turned on, you’ll need to check the screen on the water inlet valve where the cold water hose is connected. It may have gotten clogged faster than the warm water hose and be impeding water flow.

Washer Won’t Fill with Hot Water

If your washer is filling with cold water normally but not filling correctly on a hot cycle, run through the same steps as you would for a washer that isn’t filling with cold water but check the hot water hose and spigot instead.

Washer Doesn’t Fill with Enough Water

If your washer is filling with some water, but less than you would normally expect, it may be a water saving feature built into your washer.

If you’re using the Auto-Fill setting, but notice your Fisher & Paykel washer not filling with water, it is probably because the washer will fill the chamber with only the amount of water it needs. Most Fisher & Paykel products are highly efficient and use just the right amount of water, which may look like less than you’d expect.

Washer Drains While Filling

In some cases, your washing machine may drain while it’s filling, causing a low water level for the cycle. This is usually indicative of problems with your drain hose.

If the end of your drain hose is lower than the water level in your machine, water will siphon as the washer fills. To remedy this, ensure that your drain hose is inserted into the standpipe correctly. If your Fisher & Paykel Washer not filling with water issue is due to the drain hose, refer to your User’s Guide to see the correct setup for your drain hose and standpipe.

7 Responses

  1. as soon as we set the temp and wash and pust start the machine starts but stops water flow with in a second or 2 then nothing it shuts down

  2. The hose is connected but there is no water coming in. When i start the machine. It starts normally but no water coming in

  3. My washer keeps draining as it is filling using lots of water. The hose is at the right hight and it still does this when I hold it even higher.

  4. My washer isnt filling during the rinse cycle but fills during the wash cycle. How do I fix this issue asap?

  5. Fixed.

    To whoever may have this issue. In my case, the outlet/dirty water hose was laying too low and the water kept draining out as its coming in. Picked up the hose 50cm in the air and now it works well. See below some other causes

    “no tAP” code (I am not getting any water)

    – The taps have not been turned on.
    – Inlet hose filters may be blocked (this is where the hose fits/plugs in the machine
    – The hoses (inlet OR outlet) may be kinked.
    – The drain hose is too low or the drain hose is pushed into the standpipe too far and the water is siphoning out of the machine (refer to ‘Installation instructions’).
    – The flow rate of the supply water is too slow.

    Good luck!!

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