The Best Gaggenau Oven Features That Make Fall Cooking as Easy as Pie


Fall lovers rejoice! Our favorite season is upon us, and it’s no wonder why we love it so much. The weather is not too hot, not too cold, the leaves are beginning to change in the most beautiful of ways, and most importantly, we get to break out our fall cookbooks for some savory Autumn cooking. Whether it’s baking a warm loaf of pumpkin bread or boiling up some piping hot soup to soothe your soul, fall means delectable food, and no one knows more about that than Gaggenau. As one of the leaders in the high-end cooking appliance market, the best Gaggenau oven features are second to none, matched only by the exquisite design that goes into each and every one of their models.

All it takes is one look at the newest cutting-edge designs of the 200 and 400 Series models to understand just how far ahead of the game this brand is. It’s one thing though to look beautiful, and another thing entirely to back up those looks with powerful features and abilities, and the best Gaggenau oven features certainly live up to their elegant design. Whether you’re in the market for a new oven, double oven, combi-steam oven, gas cooktop, or induction cooktop, look no further than the brand that makes the best cooking appliances on earth, Gaggenau.

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Best Gaggenau Oven Features

Standard Ovens

While most appliance manufacturers attempt to saturate the market by producing countless models with slightly different features and designs, Gaggenau breaks that mold by offering just one standard oven, but boy what an oven it is!

The 400 Series oven comes in 24″ and 30″ sizes with right or left-hinged options to meet your spatial needs. Its beautiful appearance speaks for itself, but this oven’s features are almost more impressive than its facade. This unit offers not one, not two, but 17 different cooking modes including convection, defrosting, roaster function, compact grill, baking stone operation, and more.

Tired of waiting forever for your oven to preheat? The 400 Series gives you super-quick preheating, and the interactive one-touch control panel displays the actual current temperature inside the oven, not just the temperature you’re trying to reach.  Safety is also a primary concern when Gaggenau designs their ovens, so this model uses child locks, a thermally insulated door with quadruple glazing, and has a safety shutoff feature to ensure safe cooking for the whole family.

Top Features

  • Two size options
  • 17 cooking modes
  • Fast preheating
  • Interactive touch controls

Double Ovens

What’s better than one Gaggenau oven? Two Gaggenau ovens, of course! For the serious home chef, the 400 Series offers an equally stunning double oven with even more bells and whistles than its little brother.

With an elegant central control section separating the two sections, the Gaggenau double oven is just like the standard oven, only bigger and better. All 17 cooking modes are available to use for either oven, and this model even comes with a built-in temperature probe and rotisserie spit!

Self-cleaning is a breeze as well thanks to the advanced pyrolytic self-clean system and specialized Clean-Enamel coating inside the oven. Baked-on food particles and grease are turned to ash which can be easily wiped away after running a self-clean cycle. No other brand can come close to these best Gaggenau oven features, and this model proves it.

Top Features

  • Large capacity
  • 17 cooking modes
  • Built-in temperature probe
  • Pyrolytic self-clean system

Combi-Steam Ovens

One of the newest and most intriguing styles of cooking appliance on the market today are steam and combi-steam ovens. They use steam and convection cooking systems to bake instead of gas or heating elements, and Gaggenau’s is easily the coolest one on the market!

When it comes to the best Gaggenau oven features, this model’s handleless automatic door opening, a fully-automatic cleaning system, 15 different cooking modes, and the same incredible touchscreen control panel make the 400 Series so unique. This oven even offers automatic boiling point detection and can save recipes in its internal memory for the future. The next step in cooking evolution is here, thanks to Gaggenau.

Top Features

  • Handleless automatic door opening
  • Fully-automatic cleaning system
  • 15 cooking modes
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Recipe saver

best gaggenau oven features


Gaggenau Cooktop Features

Gas Cooktops

Unlike their ovens, Gaggenau produces cooktops in a wide variety of styles and configurations to fit the needs of any home. The 200 and 400 Series models are available in gas or induction, and each series can be purchased as a modular Vario model that can be rearranged to accommodate any culinary scenario you find yourself in.

The Vario 400, for example, offers a five gas burner configuration, each of which can reach up to 59,700 BTUs. With two small, two medium, and one large center burner, there’s nothing you can’t do with this cooktop. The unit’s simmer function will kick in when boiling liquids, and the control knobs all feature an illuminated ring to let you know what burners are in use at all times. There’s even a residual heat indicator to let you know what surfaces are still hot even when the burners have been shut off! Safety and performance are what make this Gaggenau cooktop one of the best ever made.

Top Features

  • Gas or induction options
  • Customizable modules
  • Multiple size burners
  • Illuminated knobs
  • Residual heat indicator

Induction Cooktops

Not all cooktops these days are either gas or electric. For safety, easy cleanup, and fast heating, induction cooktops are ideal. Induction cooktops have taken the appliance market by storm, and unsurprisingly, Gaggenau makes some of the best.

Our favorite model is the elegant yet understated 200 Series induction cooktop. Gaggenau has outdone themselves by breaking up this smooth cooking surface into rectangular sections which can be used individually or in combination with one another. This essentially lets you put your pots and pans anywhere on the cooking surface while allowing you to adjust your temperature with pinpoint accuracy at all times.

The temperature of your pots and pans will also be monitored at all times using the cooking sensor and frying sensor functions for pots and pans respectively. Your user control is so extensive with this Gaggenau cooktop that you can set the Keep Warm function at any time to keep your dishes from overcooking while remaining warm and ready to eat.

Top Features

  • Totally adjustable surface
  • Cooking & frying sensors
  • Keep Warm function
  • Elegant design

When it comes to modern cooking appliances, the best Gaggenau oven features and cooktop features are second-to-none! If you’re in the market for a new unit, we highly recommend considering them. If your Gaggenau oven or cooktop breaks down though, be sure to call Appliance Service Station right away, the area’s experts in Gaggenau appliance repair.

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