First Ever Sub-Zero Column Refrigerator / Freezer Combo Releases in 2017


At last! Sub-Zero has announced a new “small space” refrigerator / freezer combination that will blend seamlessly into even the smallest kitchen.

Whether you have a small condo, vacation cabin, or just need a great refrigerator in a game room, the Sub-Zero 24” integrated column refrigerator / freezer offers all the luxuries of a Sub-Zero refrigerator while taking up less space.

Sub-Zero 24” Column Refrigerator / Freezer Combo Available March 2017!

The Sub-Zero 24″ column refrigerator / freezer fits into even the tightest kitchen. But don’t let the size fool you! The new Sub-Zero refrigerator will continue to deliver the same advanced food preservation you come to expect from a Sub-Zero product.

What is New About the Sub-Zero 24” Wide Column Refrigerator / Freezer Combo?

The Sub-Zero column-style refrigerator and freezer combination unit (model number IC-24CI) is the first of its kind to hit the market. This is Sub-Zero’s smallest column refrigerator and is the only Sub-Zero column refrigerator with a freezer. Prior to 2017, the smallest Sub-Zero column refrigerator was only available in the 36” width configuration.

The IC-24CI reduces the space requirements by a full 12”, which is a lot of space in a small kitchen or galley. Because the refrigerator is a column configuration, you’ll also enjoy a seamless appearance. But don’t worry, the refrigerator and freezer will still have two separate cooling systems just like a standard Sub-Zero refrigerator / freezer combination.

 Fantastic Features

Just because the 24” refrigerator is smaller than the standard Sub-Zero models doesn’t mean it’s not fully loaded with everything you’d come to expect from a Sub-Zero product.

The 24″ integrated column refrigerator / freezer is available in two models: The IC-24C without an ice maker and water filter, and the IC-24CI with ice maker and water filter. Additional features include:

  • Custom panel ready to blend with cabinetry
  • Dual refrigeration keeps food fresher longer
  • Refrigerator and freezer behind one door for a seamless design
  • NASA inspired air purification system fights spoilage, bacteria, mold and viruses.
  • Crisper drawer in low-temp, high-humidity zone for optimum freshness
  • Automatic ice maker with “max ice” feature
  • Water-filtration system reduces contaminants, chlorine taste and odor
  • Smart-touch controls for streamlined access to more settings
  • Nano-coated spill-proof shelves for easy clean-up

Getting excited about the new Sub-Zero 24” Column Refrigerator / Freezer Combo? Us to! You can get yours March 2017!

Learn more about the Sub-Zero 24″ Column combo here.

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