Gaggenau Dishwasher Won’t Start? This Could Be Why.


When it comes to high-end dishwashers, Gaggenau’s line of sleek, high-tech models is unmatched. Like all appliances though, they can break down from time to time. What should you do when your Gaggenau dishwasher won’t start? Diagnosing the problem can be simpler than you might think.

Why Your Gaggenau Dishwasher Won’t Start

You don’t have to be an expert to find the source of the problem when your dishwasher dies. One of these parts is most likely the cause if you have a Gaggenau dishwasher not working:

1 – Unplugged or Damaged Power Cord

What it is: Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one, so the first thing you should check is your dishwasher’s power cord. Without power, the unit cannot operate.

What can go wrong: There are all sorts of ways that the cord’s plug can come out of the power socket in the wall behind your dishwasher. It can also fail if it gets wet, crushed, or even chewed up by rodents.

How to diagnose: Pull out your dishwasher and make sure the power cord is dry, undamaged, and securely plugged in.

2 – Child Lock Is On

What it is: Safety is the number one concern for appliance manufacturers, which is why Gaggenau includes child safety locks on all of their dishwasher models.

What can go wrong: The only problem with how many options modern appliances have is that sometimes they accidentally get turned on. If your Gaggenau dishwasher won’t start, you may have turned on the child lock and not realized it.

How to diagnose: Read through your owner’s manual to find out how to turn the child lock off.

3 – Defective Door Latch

What it is: Gaggenau dishwashers use a door latch to not only keep the door closed, but to prevent it from operating if the door is open.

What can go wrong: A defective door latch might prevent your dishwasher from starting if the switch mechanism has been damaged or worn out.

How to diagnose: Inspect the latch for damage and make sure it’s closing and locking securely. Engage the door latch switch and listen for the clicking sound. Replace the part if it’s defective.

4 – Faulty Timer

What it is: Every cycle you run relies on a timer to manage the whole process from start to finish. It sends power to certain parts of your dishwasher at the right time throughout the cycle.

What can go wrong: A faulty timer can prevent the proper voltage from being sent, which might explain why you have a Gaggenau dishwasher not working.

How to diagnose: Unplug the power cord and access the timer. Use a multimeter to test the part for continuity using the electrical contacts. If it shows no continuity, you’ll need to install a new timer.

If your Gaggenau dishwasher won’t start after following these instructions, you may need to call a professional. Luckily, you’ve already found the Gaggenau appliance repair experts at Appliance Service Station! Give us a call today for fast, affordable service.

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