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6 Reasons Why Your Thermador Refrigerator Won’t Make Ice

thermador refrigerator ice maker not working

Purchasing a Thermador refrigerator is an investment in quality. So when your Thermador refrigerator won’t make ice it can be disappointing, to say the least. We’ll review some common causes for a Thermador refrigerator ice maker not working including an incorrect freezer temperature or dirty water filter.

Thermador Refrigerator Won’t Make Ice? There May Be a Simple Solution

The Thermador name is synonymous with high quality, requiring few repairs over the course of a refrigerator’s lifetime. While service is sometimes required, there are typically simple solutions when your Thermador refrigerator won’t make ice.

#1 – Thermador Ice Maker Not Turned On

When your Thermador ice maker doesn’t work, we suggest making sure it’s turned on before performing additional troubleshooting. The on/off switch is typically a wire arm on the side of the ice maker. The ice maker is off if the wire arm is raised. To turn the ice maker on, make sure the wire arm is lowered.

#2 – Thermador Freezer Not Cold Enough

If your freezer is only a few degrees above the ideal freezing temperature, it’s possible that your Thermador refrigerator won’t make ice. Thermador recommends that the freezer be set at 0°F to ensure the proper temperature for food storage and ice production.

If your freezer still feels too warm, we recommend inspecting the door seals to make sure they’re functioning properly. A seal that’s damaged or blocked with dirt and debris will allow cold air to escape, raising the temperature of the freezer.

thermador refrigerator won't make ice
Image from Thermador

#3 – Ice Maker Not Ready Yet

Most Thermador refrigerator ice makers require at least 24 hours to produce a full batch of ice when newly installed. It can take the icemaker up to 72 hours to reach full ice production capacity.

#4 – Dirty Thermador Refrigerator Water Filter

Your Thermador refrigerator water filter works to strain out small particles and contaminants from the refrigerator’s water supply. Over time, these impurities can build up in the filter and cause it to become blocked. A blocked filter may only be able to dispense a small amount of water, leading to minimal ice production.

Thermador recommends changing the refrigerator water filter every 6 months to prevent blockages. When replacing, we recommend purchasing Thermador brand filters for proper fit and function.

thermador refrigerator water filter
Image from Thermador

#5 – Water Inlet Problem

The water inlet valve uses electricity to open and supply the ice maker with water from the refrigerator’s water supply. There are several possible causes that can keep the valve from functioning properly:

  • The tubing to the valve may be clogged with debris
  • The valve’s tubing is frozen from insufficient water pressure
  • The valve itself has malfunctioned

While the tubing can be cleaned or defrosted and water pressure adjusted, a faulty valve needs to be replaced.

#6 – Thermador Ice Maker Broken

Even the highest quality names require service sometimes. If your Thermador refrigerator won’t make ice even after performing these troubleshooting tips, the ice maker itself may be broken. In this case, we recommend it be replaced by a professional service.

As the Seattle area’s Thermador service experts, Appliance Service Station can help with any question or concern. Call us if your Thermador refrigerator won’t make ice or requires any other repair.

3 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Thermador Refrigerator Won’t Make Ice”

  1. Our 30 inch column Thermidorian freezer stopped making ice.

    Before that stopped, we had areas of the freezer developing heavy frost on surfaces and the ceiling of the freezer.

    Is there an obvious remedy?

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