4 Reasons Why Your Viking Refrigerator is Beeping


Viking is one of the best luxury refrigerator brands for many reasons, specifically its amenities. Some of these include built-in alarms that beep to indicate a change or malfunction. But what can you do when a Viking refrigerator is beeping and you can’t figure out why?

We’ll troubleshoot the most common reasons why your Viking refrigerator keeps beeping such as a temperature alarm or faulty sensor.

What to Look for When Your Viking Refrigerator is Beeping

So why does my Viking refrigerator keep beeping? While some alarms warn of a malfunction, others indicate a change that can be easily rectified. We’ll discuss both possibilities when your Viking refrigerator is beeping as well as how to silence all alarm functions.

Viking Refrigerator Temperature Alarm

If the temperature inside your Viking refrigerator or freezer becomes too warm for too long, an alarm will sound indicating the change. Depending on your model refrigerator, this could happen anywhere between 1-3 hours of increased temperature.

You can end this Viking refrigerator beeping problem by pressing the “Alarm Off” button on the control panel to deactivate the alarm. You can then lower the temperature on the control panel to the setting recommended in your user manual.

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Faulty Viking Refrigerator Thermistor

Even high-end refrigerators experience malfunctions from time to time and another reason your Viking alarm is beeping could be a faulty thermistor. A refrigerator thermistor monitors the refrigerator’s temperature, signaling the control panel if it’s too warm or too cold.

A faulty thermistor will send inaccurate signals to the control panel, causing your Viking alarm to indicate a temperature change. You can silence the alarm by pressing “Alarm Off” on the control panel. If lowering the refrigerator temperature doesn’t stop the alarm the thermistor may be faulty and requires professional service.

Viking Refrigerator Door Open Alarm

An open refrigerator door is one of the most common reasons why a Viking refrigerator keeps beeping. On most refrigerators, the alarm will sound when the door to the refrigerator or freezer is left open for more than 3 minutes.

Shutting the open door will immediately deactivate the alarm. However, cleaning or stocking your refrigerator requires you to keep a door open sometimes. When your Viking refrigerator door alarm keeps going off, these two options will silence the beeping, depending on your model refrigerator:

  1. Press “Alarm Off” on the control panel
  2. Press “Options,” followed by “Door Alarm is On”

Refrigerator Sensor Not Working

Sensors that measure changes or activate with breakdowns trigger your Viking refrigerator alarms. However the sensors themselves can be susceptible to malfunction. When this happens, the refrigerator may be functioning normally and the sensor requires replacement.

To confirm that no other malfunctions exist before replacing an alarm sensor we recommend a professional assessment.

How to Turn Off Viking Refrigerator Alarm

If you prefer that your Viking alarms never sound when there’s a problem you can turn all alarm functions off. Once this is done, your refrigerator won’t alert you if there is a temperature change, open door, or other malfunction. Follow these steps on the control panel main menu to turn off all alarm sounds:

  1. Press “User Settings”
  2. Keep pressing “More Settings” until “Alarm Sound is On” is displayed.
  3. Press “Alarm Sound is On” once. It should change to “Alarm Sound is Off.”
  4. Press “Done” to confirm the setting and return to the main menu


If your Viking refrigerator is beeping even after these troubleshooting tips, it may be time for a professional service. 

14 Responses

  1. What if the thermistor and the temperature sensor were exchanged and the refrigerator still beeps every 4 to 5 hour..?

  2. WE purchased a home over a year ago with a 48inch counter depth, Viking Professional series side by side fridge freezer. Since we moved in August 2019, it alarms every few hours – often in the middle of the night and many of our foods are partially thawed. We have had numerous engineers sent by the home warranty company who have no idea how to repair this. A few times they asked us to leave the alarm going – which means hours of enduring this high pitch alarm – and they still have no idea how to fix it. I am at a point where I just want the thing replaced. The appliance will cost >$10,000 to replace and at this point, given this appliance is only 15 years old, I am certain we do not want another one. I am considering going to the insurance and asking for whatever money they will give me (I think the upper limit is $5000 per appliance) and replacing with a much cheaper brand. Any advice?

    1. Wai – I think we are the same person! Same exact issue with a 48 inch Viking fridge that was in our house on purchase 1 year ago. Home Warranty Company is clueless and has been out about 8 times over 10 months with no help. Now our warranty is over, still have a useless $10,000+ refrigerator. I’m getting ready to buy a standard 36″ model that isn’t counter depth and redo the surrounding cabinetry to avoid ever having to go through these headaches again. No sub $8000 appliance will fit in this spot and these things are like Ferraris – nice to look at but outrageous to service. And they need lots of service.

    2. I have had to go to viking not once but twice with complaints that the same model you are talking about is a LEMON. both times after spending a LOT to repair them, Viking replaced the refer twice at no cost. I am on this web site because the third refer is beeping and I am trying to find out why.
      I would recommend that you take what ever they will give you and get a different brand. unfortunately in talking to the repairmen with whom I have become acquainted on a first name basis wont recommend any of the built ins. I will the next time, get two regular refers ($4K) and when one stops working I will throw it away and buy a new one.

    1. Absolute nightmare here too… should have gone with another brand… these vikings have been heaps of trouble

  3. Oh snap. I have the same problem. Wakes me up at night.
    Has anyone had any luck with Viking on this?

  4. Same problem. Following. Fridge worth 18,000 brand new. What an $18,000 headache.

  5. My Viking 48 in side by side is 4 yrs old and has required repairs every yr, the freezer unable to maintain proper temperatures causing it to beep , or it builds up frozen ice on the shelves, it’s been a 10 thousand dollar nightmare, absolute junk!!!

  6. Viking Professional 48 inch side by side has been an absolute night mare, only 4 yrs old and has had several repairs and continues to beep since the freezer is unable maintain proper temperatures. What a waste of money, 10,000.00.

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