How to Fix a Bosch Front Load Washer Leaking Water


While front loading washers are known for their efficiency, they can also be prone to leaking issues. How can you fix a Bosch front load washer leaking water before it causes serious water damage? We’ll troubleshoot leaks from various locations, pinpointing each one’s specific solution.

Is Your Bosch Front Load Washer Leaking Water? Here’s How to Stop Leaks at the Source

Though a Bosch front load washer leaking water can lead to more serious problems, the source of the leak typically has simple solutions. Here’s how basic maintenance and simple DIY fixes can stop most leaks at the source.

Bosch Washing Machine Leaking From Door

Front load washer doors are lined with a rubber gasket that creates a tight seal when the door is closed. This seal keeps water and suds contained in the washer tub, preventing leaks.

If you notice your Bosch washer leaking from the door, it usually means the gasket’s seal is compromised. Overloading, dirt, or damage can prevent the gasket from working properly. Here’s how to make sure it functions correctly to prevent your washing machine leaking from the front:

  • Avoid Overloading: This can allow clothing to become trapped between the door and gasket, creating leaks. We recommend only filling the washer tub ¾ of the way full before starting a wash cycle.
  • Clean the Gasket Regularly: Cleaning with a clean cloth and warm, soapy water will remove dirt, debris, and mildew that can compromise the door seal.
  • Check for Rips and Tears: A damaged gasket won’t seal properly and requires replacement.

Washer Leaking From the Back

When you find your washer leaking from the back it usually indicates a problem with the hose connections. The cold water fill hose and waste water hose must be properly attached to the washer and their respective wall outlets. Check both hoses to make sure they aren’t leaking water from these connections. Use a wrench to tighten any connections that are loose or leaking. 


Washer Leaking From Underneath

If you’re asking, “Why is water leaking from the bottom of my washing machine?” you may have used too much detergent. This can create excessive sudsing that results in washer leaks. You may specifically notice your washer leaking during spin cycle as water and suds are rapidly spun through the washer tub.

Your detergent package typically has recommended measurements for different-sized wash loads. Our washing machine tips suggest referring to these recommendations for your particular load and using the least recommended amount.

Washing Machine Detergent Drawer Leaking

Using too much detergent can also result in a Bosch washing machine leaking from the detergent drawer. When adding detergent, always refer to the package instructions to use the correct amounts.

Detergent drawer leaks can also occur if mold, mildew, or detergent residue build up in the dispenser. This can create blockages, resulting in your washing machine leaking soapy water from the detergent drawer. Remove and prevent blockages by pulling out the drawer and regularly cleaning it with a cloth and warm, soapy water.

Tips to Prevent Washer Leaks

With a little preventative maintenance and proper use and care, washer leaks can be avoided. The following information summarizes how to prevent a Bosch front load washer leaking water:

  • Clean the washer’s door gasket regularly, inspecting it for damage that can compromise the seal. Avoid overloading the washer with clothes that can become trapped between the gasket and the door.
  • Make sure washer hoses are properly connected.
  • Avoid using too much detergent that can result in oversudsing. Always use HE detergent in HE washers to limit excessive suds.
  • Clean the detergent drawer regularly to remove mold, mildew, and detergent residue that can cause blockages.

If your Bosch front load washer leaking water continues, Appliance Service Station can help. Call us to schedule your Bosch appliance repair.

9 Responses

  1. My washer is leaking water into the tub. Almost everyday some water is in the tub. None leaking on the floor unless the tub fills enough to spill out when the door is opened.

  2. My washing machine has become very sensitive to the amount of soap that is used or it will leak. I must now use less than is recommended or the washer leaks. Is there something that may be broken or may need to be cleaned to have the machine opperate more reliably again?

  3. Detergent is leaking from detergent drawer. Front load Bosch fully loaded WM.
    First releases detergent from wash compartment and then release from pre-wash compartment of detergent drawer.
    Any solutions? Please

  4. My Bosch washer is leaking from the right rear. It is in a closet stacked, so I cannot pull out. Is a loose connection of the drain hose most likely,

    Or, anything else that is likely for right rear leak. Machine is only 2 years old.

    1. We just had the same thing. Turns out there is a little rubber hose going from the drain hose back to the drum, and it isn’t attached with anything, just a push fit. It came off the spigot it fits onto. Repair man said known fault, and applied some glue and a cable tie to fix it. Now chasing Bosch for the cost of the damage.

      1. Just had the same issue and the repair bill is $320. Any luck with getting Bosch to pay for the defect in the machine?

  5. My Bosh is 2 years old and just started leaking from the door, the rubber guard is fine, no rips or cracks, if you shake/wiggle the door you can hear the water sloshing inside. The water is also coming out if the air vent, I have never seen this before.

  6. Our Bosch front-loader is leaking, but we can’t tell exactly where it’s coming from. The water appears in the top of the handle of the pedestal drawer, so it seems to be coming from the door gasket, but we’ve always been careful to keep that clean, and it appears to be fine.

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