Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Reviews: 2021


Fisher & Paykel is the only supplier of drawer style dishwashers, saving both space and energy via a variety of designs and models. What is the best drawer dishwasher by Fisher & Paykel? While this depends on your personal dishwashing needs, the Professional Double Drawer model offers the widest variety of functions. Read our Fisher & Paykel dishwasher reviews 2021 to determine the brand’s best options for your home.

How to Choose the Best Drawer Dishwasher: Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Reviews 2021

Fisher & Paykel dishwashers come in three designs: integrated, contemporary, and professional, with several models in each style. Our Fisher & Paykel dishwasher reviews 2021 detail a model in each design, highlighting its defining features. But, first, we’ll provide some background information on the brand and what makes it notable among other appliance companies.

Is Fisher & Paykel a Good Brand?

New Zealanders Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher founded their company in 1934,  importing appliances for the citizens of their remote country. When the New Zealand government banned the importing of outside appliances, they began manufacturing their own, quickly becoming experts in refrigeration technology. The company continued its technological emphasis, most notably through the DishDrawer dishwasher that uses sliding drawers instead of a folding door.

Are drawer dishwashers better than standard dishwashers? While they provide the same level of cleaning power and capacity, they do so with less energy, in a smaller space. In 2012, the Chinese company Haier bought Fisher & Paykel, relocating manufacturing to China and Thailand but retaining the original name. They remain the only providers of drawer style dishwashers, which continue to be their most well-known product.

Model # DD24ST19 N: Integrated, Single Dishdrawer Dishwasher, Tall, Sanitize

Fisher & Paykel’s integrated dishwashers come panel-ready to seamlessly blend into your existing cabinetry. While some single drawer styles can’t accommodate taller dishware, we love this model because its flexible racks can fit multiple dish sizes. It also offers 6 different wash settings, providing a wide variety of options for a dishwasher of this size.


  • 6 wash settings: includes a sanitize, quick wash, and extra dry cycle.
  • Knock to Pause: a quick knock on the front panel pauses the cycle when needed.
  • Easily accessible: like all Fisher & Paykel dishwashers, this model can be installed to accommodate any height, making it ADA-compliant.

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Model # DD24DCHTX9 N: Double Dishdrawer Dishwasher, Tall, Sanitize

The brand’s contemporary line is notable among Fisher & Paykel dishwasher reviews 2021 for its recessed handles and exterior touch screen. This provides a sleek look, while color options of black, white, and stainless steel also offer a modern aesthetic. The two drawers on this model can operate independently on different wash settings, enabling crystal and cookware to be washed safely and simultaneously.


  • Independent wash: each drawer can be used with different wash settings at the same time.
  • Half load option: each drawer can also perform half-washes for smaller loads that still save water and energy.
  • Built-in water softener: reduced excess minerals in the water for improved performance.

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Model # DD24DV2T9 N: Double Dishdrawer Dishwasher, Tall, Sanitize

A list of the best Fisher & Paykel dishwashers has to include the brand’s professional line. Consisting of the high-grade stainless steel and thick, round handles of professional kitchens, it brings commercial-level quality to the home. Along with the independent wash and half load options, there are 13 other wash settings to accommodate any need. This model also utilizes the quietest operating technology, making it nearly silent when in use.


  • 15 total wash settings
  • Two-drawer design can still be installed at a variety of heights for maximum ease of use.
  • Extra-large capacity can accommodate 14 place settings.

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We hope these Fisher & Paykel dishwasher reviews 2021 helped determine the best choice for your kitchen. As a brand-authorized provider, Appliance Service Station can handle all your Fisher & Paykel service needs. Call us with any questions or concerns.

8 Responses

  1. By far, this is the worst dishwasher I have ever owned. Dishes, utensils, cups, absolutely nothing comes clean. Do not buy it. You have to clean out drains, which is disgusting. Water does not exit the lower drawer completely. I can go on and on. This drawer dishwasher is probably good for a family of one. Other than that, you can hardly fit dinner for two and pots in both drawers.

    Buy a normal dishwasher. Fisher & Paykel double drawer dishwasher should never be sold.

    1. Laura
      I diasgree! I just replaced an older model I used for years. I LOVE my 2 drawer dishwasher. To say it should never be sold is misleading to the public. Not everyone is your household

    2. I agree Laura! Our old one constantly flooded the lower dish drawer, would shut down both drawers and had to be pulled out and emptied = not an easy job. Fortunately our son is in construction so he helped us each (of many) times. And there is a great local appliance repair company that kept it running.

      We got a new one only because it is the only one that will fit in the kitchen space. BRAND NEW DELIVERED END OF AUGUST BUT IT FAILED in November! 2 1/2 months old and it failed!!

      Called Fisher Paykel warranty. In Milwaukee, WI USA they only have 1 warranty company that they use and you cannot go to another unless you are willing to pay for it even though it is under warranty. Normally with all our other appliances we can go to anyone who knows the appliance if it is under warranty.

      This warranty repair company Fisher/Paykel uses has only 2 techs – only one of whom knows the machine so it took 2 weeks to get an appointment with them, then the tech had an attitude (no wonder!) and did not replace the screws in the drawer and didn’t tell us so it nearly fell out. We are it using as an expensive hand wash dish drying rack so our son put them back in! Plus he was here for maybe 10 minutes complaining the entire time. Said he ordered a part before he even came here. No trouble shooting! I had to call our son to walk him through how to check it out.

      This is almost 1 month later and it is still not resolved, no communication or status from their only approve warranty company here; Im tired of running after them.

      I tried calling Fisher/called Fisher/Paykel warranty and parts group last week but they had a 2 hour wait and they did not recognize my phone number for a call back as legitimate! I finally got them today so am hopeful that it may get resolved before the holidays.

      Fisher/Paykel should expedite a replacement new dishwasher since they apparently do not have the part.

  2. I just had mine installed Dec 1st replacing an older Fisher Paykel unit. I LOVE my dishwasher! If your dishes aren’t clean it could be your water temp, detergent or the way you load. And as far as volume of dishes, its just my husband & I and it handles ours.

    1. If the dishes aren’t getting very clean, then you need to add some vinegar with the dish soap. I talked to an appliance man and he told me that the dish soaps aren’t being made the same. They stopped putting an item with it but I can’t remember what he said it was. He told me to use a cup of vinegar with my dishes. Now, the glasses come out sparkling. Try it.

  3. This is my first Paykel 2 drawer dishwasher. I love it!! I will always buy that brand with 2 drawers. Love It!!

    1. I also have had a Fisher Paykel for 23 yrs. I just replaced it with an Electrolux stainless steal and realized I can’t be reaching down that low with my bad back and arthritic joints. I bought it because it was half the price as the Paykel drawers one. I’ve used it about 5 times. I made a mistake. As beautiful as it is I have to get rid of it, I’m giving it to my daughter and I just ordered another drawers one, as it’s ADA approved. My old Paykel lasted a long time. I hope I don’t regret it.

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