How to Choose Between a Double Oven vs Single Oven


While two can be better than one, that may not be the case when it comes to a double oven. Do I need a double oven or is a single oven better? If you love to bake and entertain, a double oven’s additional space can be an advantage. We’ll detail the differences between a double oven vs single oven, offering pros and cons to determine the best choice for your kitchen.

Is More Better or Just More? Comparing a Double Oven vs Single Oven

Though additional oven space can come in handy, you pay a premium for the extra cooking real estate. Is it worth the cost? We’ll offer some points to consider when deciding between a double oven vs single oven as well as some brand recommendations. But, first, it’s helpful to understand what a double oven is, as well as the available options.

What Are Double Ovens?

A double oven vs single oven provides more cooking capacity with two cooking spaces in one unit. There are two double oven configurations, a double oven range and a double wall oven. 

Here’s how a double oven range and double wall oven compare:

Double oven range:

  • Consists of a smaller top oven with a larger oven below and a traditional cooking range on top.
  • Fits inside a typical range space.
  • Both ovens can operate independently and simultaneously. The smaller top oven fits one baking sheet or a small chicken or roast. The bottom oven provides less space than a traditional single oven but can accommodate a roast or turkey and multiple baking sheets.

Double wall oven:

  • Comprises two full-size ovens stacked vertically or side-by-side.
  • Requires customized wall space.
  • Provides more space than a double oven range, offering two standard oven sizes in one unit. This enables you to cook different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously, regardless of their size.
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Pros and Cons of Double Ovens vs Single Ovens

When deciding between a double or single oven there are advantages and disadvantages to both designs.

Here are some of the pros and cons of double oven vs single oven configurations:

Double Oven Pros:

  • More cooking space: Both double oven ranges and double wall ovens provide more cooking square footage than a single oven.
  • Cook multiple dishes simultaneously: Different dishes can cook together regardless of temperature or cook time.
  • Less cooking time: Cooking different dishes together saves time when entertaining or meeting the demands of a large family.
  • Can save energy: Using a double oven range’s small oven for everyday needs uses less energy than a large single oven.
  • Adds value: Modern design and increased cooking capabilities of a double oven can add value to your home.

Double Oven Cons:

  • Price: both double oven configurations cost more than a single oven, with a double wall oven being considerably more expensive.
  • Less Large Space: While a double oven range offers more cooking space, the bottom oven isn’t as large as a single oven.
  • Inconvenient location: The bottom oven in double oven ranges is lower to the ground than a single oven, requiring significant bending.
  • No storage space: A double oven range does not have a single oven storage drawer for oversize pots and pans.
  • Increased energy usage: When used simultaneously, double oven designs use more energy than a single oven.

How to Choose the Best Double Oven

If a double oven fits your cooking needs and preferences, how can you decide which models and brands are best?

These are some points to consider when purchasing a double oven:

Size: Make sure you have adequate wall space for a double wall oven. Consider the amount of oven space you actually need for your family size or entertaining preferences.

Reliability: More oven space can mean more opportunities for malfunctions. Keep reviews and warranty options in mind when making your oven purchase. While a Miele double wall oven comes with a higher price tag, it’s reliability is well-documented.

Features: Double ovens can offer a variety of modern and convenient features:

  • Samsung double oven ranges offer the precision of a gas cooktop with the speed and even cooking of an electric oven.
  • LG double oven ranges provide convection cooking capabilities on the bottom oven and touchscreen controls.
  • GE Profile double wall ovens provide air frying capabilities and Wi-Fi control via your smartphone.
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  1. I have to replace my black profile 30” wall oven as it broke and the technician said the parts to fix it are no longer made or available. I have a microwave above it which works fine. What is the difference between a double wall vs a single wall oven? I am not a gourmet cook but I want to replace my oven with equal quality as before.
    Thank you for any insights you can give me.

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