How to Clean a Dacor Glass Cooktop Without Scratching It


Whether you have a glass cooktop vs induction cooktop, specific cleaning methods and supplies are required to avoid harming its smooth surface. How do you clean Dacor glass cooktop properly? Using a ceramic cooktop cleaner, cleaning pad, and razor blade scraper, remove stains and residue without leaving scratches. Learn how to clean a Dacor glass cooktop safely with easy steps to restore its shine.

Glass Stove Top Maintenance: How to Clean a Dacor Glass Cooktop

Although it requires certain techniques and supplies to clean a glass stovetop, these methods aren’t time-consuming or difficult. We recommend using a glass cooktop cleaning kit that includes the ceramic cooktop cleaner, cleaning pad, and razor scraper suggested for proper cleaning. The following Dacor glass cooktop cleaning instructions can provide the safest and most effective results.

clean a black glass stove top

Step 1. Remove Heavy Stains With Razor Blade Scraper

How do you clean a burnt glass stove top? The first step in how to clean a Dacor glass range top is to remove any burned-on debris or food particles. Once the cooktop has cooled, hold the razor blade scraper at a 45° angle and scrape away stains and residue, applying moderate pressure. To avoid scratching or pitting the glass surface, use a fresh razor blade every time you clean.

*Pro-tip: To clean a glass cooktop with sugar-based stains or melted plastic, do not wait for the cooktop to cool. If these stains harden, they can cause pitting that permanently damages the surface. Turn off all burners and, wearing an oven mitt, use the razor scraper to lift the stain. Move it to a cooler area of the cooktop where it can be wiped away with a paper towel. 

Step 2. Apply Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

What’s the next step to clean Dacor glass cooktop? Once heavy stains and residue have been removed, apply the ceramic cooktop cleaner directly to the glass surface. Give the bottle a good shake before pouring a moderate amount throughout the entire area.

Step 3. Scrub Cleaner With Sponge

clean a glass stovetop

Scrub the cleaner into the glass top surface with the kit’s cleaning pad, a soft sponge, or a paper towel. Avoid using abrasive pads or steel wool that can scratch the cooktop. Use as much pressure as needed to scrub away stains and residue.

Wondering how to clean a Dacor glass cooktop that has metal marks from cookware or burned residue? Apply additional ceramic cleaner directly to the mark or stain and scrub with the sponge or paper towel. When cooking, refrain from using glass or cast iron cookware that is more likely to leave these marks behind. When moving any cookware on the stovetop, avoid dragging it, as this can also leave marks. Always pick up pans and pots to relocate them or change burners.

Step 4. Wipe Away Residue and Buff To Shine

dacor glass cooktop cleaning instructions

The final step in how to clean a Dacor glass cooktop gives it some extra shine. First, use a paper towel to wipe away any residue from the ceramic cooktop cleaner. Then, use a clean, dry paper towel to buff the cooktop until it shines.

Even if your cooktop isn’t stained, repeating these cleaning steps on a monthly basis can keep it shiny and polished.

What Is the Best Thing to Clean a Glass Cooktop With?

Glass cooktops provide a sleek, modern look, and they are easy to clean. You should clean your glass cooktop daily to prevent build-up and ensure that it always looks its best. How do you clean a black glass stove top?

You should always ensure the glass cooktop is cleaned properly to avoid damaging the surface. The best thing to clean a glass cooktop with is a spray bottle of vinegar and a soft cloth. First, make sure the cooktop is completely cool. Then, spray the vinegar onto the cooktop and let it sit for a few minutes. Finally, use a soft cloth to wipe away any residue. Be sure to clean the entire cooktop, including the sides and back. 

Though knowing how to clean a Dacor glass cooktop properly can prevent damage, nicks and scratches may still occur. When they do, call Appliance Service Station for an expert Dacor cooktop repair.

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