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Microwave Flashing? 3 Common Microwave Malfunctions + Tips

Ah, the beloved microwave. Without it, we are left with cold coffee, kernels instead of popcorn, and thousands of hours wasted watching the pot boil. But, of course, sometimes they need a little TLC to keep functioning properly. Appliance Service Station is Seattle's best when it comes to appliance repair, including the microwave. So, whether you're experiencing a … Continue reading "Microwave Flashing? 3 Common Microwave Malfunctions + Tips"

Helpful Washer Tips and Tricks

The washing machine is an appliance that we use daily, and if it broke down it would cause a huge inconvenience to anyone's every day life. While you can't fix every problem that might arise (that's what we're here for), there are things you can do to keep your washing machine in tip top condition. Here … Continue reading "Helpful Washer Tips and Tricks"

Quick Fixes for Cooktop Issues

Do you sometimes experience uneven cooking or does it take way too long for water to boil? Whether you have a gas or electric cooktop, there are some problems that only need a simple fix. Read on to discover the secrets of quick fixes for cooktop issues. Easy & Quick Fixes for Cooktop Issues GAS COOKTOP Uneven or Weak … Continue reading "Quick Fixes for Cooktop Issues"

3 Quick Fixes for Common Oven Problems

It's no secret that oven issues are a pain to deal with, especially if you don't know much about oven repair. Before you call a service technician, try these three quick fixes for common oven problems you can tackle yourself. Common Oven Problems Oven Fan Issues Today's ranges use cooling fans to protect the sensitive components on the … Continue reading "3 Quick Fixes for Common Oven Problems"

The Best Pans for Induction Cooking

Loved by industry cooking professionals, induction cooking has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past decade. If you’re interested in making the transition to an induction cooktop or recently made the move, you need to make sure you have the right kind of cookware. In this blog, we take a closer look at the … Continue reading "The Best Pans for Induction Cooking"

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking Are you considering an induction cooktop or range for your kitchen upgrade? We’ve ironed out the pros and cons of induction cooking to help you decide if an induction cooktop is right for you. The Pros and Cons of an Induction Cooktop or Range Pros: It’s Safer One of the … Continue reading "The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking"

Best Sub-Zero Refrigerator Models

Are you ready to switch out your boring refrigerator for something amazing? Then you need to look into Sub-Zero refrigerators! Sub-Zero refrigerators are known for their exceptional luxury and style, and come in several unique configurations. Take a look at our favorite Sub-Zero refrigerators to see what we mean: The Best Sub-Zero Refrigerator Models   Built-In Sub-Zero Refrigerator … Continue reading "Best Sub-Zero Refrigerator Models"

Best High End Refrigerator Brands

There’s a certain luxury you can’t achieve with the standard refrigerators you find in most retail stores. High-end refrigerators offer better features, sleeker styles, and more options to fit your lifestyle. So what is it that makes these refrigerators stand out from the rest?  Let’s take a look at the top 4 high-end refrigerator brands. … Continue reading “Best High End Refrigerator Brands”

What to do in Seattle in February 2016

What to do in Seattle this February Some people may say that all Seattle has to offer in February is grey, cold skies. Well, we don’t agree! Some of the best events in Seattle take place during the month of February, especially in 2016. If you love amazing food and drinks, spectacular jazz, and a … Continue reading “What to do in Seattle in February 2016”

The Best Christmas Light Displays in the Seattle Area

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit quite like hopping in the car and hunting down the most extravagant Christmas light displays in Seattle. Here’s a list of neighborhoods and special events that highlight the best Seattle has to offer! Seattle Neighborhood Christmas Light Displays Candy Cane Lane (Ravenna)Beginning December 15th and running through the … Continue reading “The Best Christmas Light Displays in the Seattle Area”

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